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The following are few mails we have received so far.

Hello Radio Monitors India! Never really thought that someone can do such a splendid job and put Kolkata's radio on the net with the names of RJs and their abilities.
I have been going through the mails you have posted. I do partly agree with Sambit Chatterjee of Lake Road. AIR FM Kolkata has surely gone haywire with bad programme content. HELLO KOLKATA of AIR FM RAINBOW hosted by SK and Rani is utterly BAD! This SK is TOTALLY FALTU! He's a disgrace on the Radio!
Similarly, there are several BAD programmes on the AAJ RATE. Gone are the days when actor Biplab Chatterjee used to be a host. Stalwarts like Urmimala Bose, Angana Bose, Saumitra Bose, Amit Roy used to host 'Bengali Talk Show' from 10PM. What happened to them?
But there are few very good RJs and Presenters who are still carrying on with the thankless job.
All I can hope that they try to save AIR FM Kolkata from the whims of Inefficient Bosses.
But advertisement is a MUST. Where from will the money come for running the stations? So, we will have to tolerate the advertisements on the radio.
Best Wishes to whole of RMI team. ---- Ajanta Sen, Behala.
Received on 31 March, 2005.

Hi friend,
It is an excellent work done by you. I am a regular listner of all the FM stations of Kolkata. I listen whenever I get a chance.
My favourite RJs are MIR & ARNABI {MIRCHI},
DEBASISH & ARUNIMA {AIR FM RAINBOW}. They are really fabulous, fantastic. Best of luck to you & my favourite RJs.
--- Manish Bose. (Address not mentioned)
Received on 30 March, 2005.

Dear Radio Monitors,
I am a student of media studies and I find your blogs very interesting. As a student of media, I do listen to the radio and I find most of these stations like MIRCHI, RED, POWER are commercial stations. They have decided to accept the advertiser as their BOSS! But is radio only for the Advertisers? What about the discerning listeners who would like to listen to some Talk Shows, Chat Shows with students (and not just celebs), professional quiz shows (and not the quiz programmes which give away GOODIES for answering STUPID questions). What about some Radio Play of - Merchant of Venice for example? Does entertainment mean MUSIC MUSIC AND ONLY MUSIC? NO, NOT AT ALL! Even a news item can be entertainment. A channel which doesn't make the listener to think, is WORTHLESS CHANNEL.
So far as AIR FM KOLKATA is concerned, we still hear few Good programmes, but I understand there are people there who'd prefer to EXPERIMENT (and DESTROY) the 2 stations. These are the people who are averse to Talk Shows and order the RJs to play music and TALK LESS. This is perhaps the result of their ignorance of the World Broadcasting standards and avenues. ---- Sambit Chatterjee, Lake Road, Kolkata.
Received on 19 March 2005.

Hi! I have been following your site regularly. It's a great effort, indeed! Although not sweet to all! I would like to clear few of my doubts...hope to get a reply. Well, Sulagna of Red FM is not heard for long.....but I can see that you have rated her in March'2005, whereas, Vineet's name is not included. There are so many RJs in AIR FM Rainbow (Hindi section), but only a few are mentioned. Sanjeev Dev Chowdhury hosts the Sunday Countdown Show regularly, but his name is not included in the list, Seema Bhattacharya also hosts shows regularly, but she is also not included in the list, whereas, Neelam Sharma, Zareena, Nusrat etc. are not regular RJs but their names are mentioned. I wish you all the very best in your effort!------- Mandira Sengupta. (Address not mentioned)
Received on 9th March 2005.

Hello, Our friends told us about this site. Good job! But we don't agree with anything bad about JIMMY of RED FM.
We love JIMMY and DIL SE! Its the best show. JIMMY has a great voice and he is doing a GREATTTT JOB!
We know he connects heart and that's REAL! ---- Shreshtha and Preethika, Communications Dept, FGS, Calcutta 91. Received on 23rd February 2005.

Hello RMI! Well done guys. But frankly I have nothing to say. All the shows are same! They simply play songs again and again. AIR FM is too bad! Saradin khali faltu katha aar boka boka gaan. Too much of quiz during Aaj Rate. Proper adda aar hoyna. --- Sujoy Ray. Selimpur Road. Kolkata. Received on 17 February 2005.

Hey what's Jimmy of DIL SE up to? Does he really connect people or its just SHIT!!!!!!!!!!??? ---- Anirban. Lake Town Block B. Received on 12 February 2005.

POWER FM is wonderful no matter what you at Radio Monitors say. Hear Sanjiv Tiwari and his Shyaris? East or west they are the best! They play the latest music. Their sound is EXCELLENT! Truly POINT 8 MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. -- Shilpi of New Alipore. Received on 11 February 2005.